We are a gospel music station endeavoring to inspire our listeners to God conscienceness which will create a higher level of faith . We want to create a spiritual passion for hope and everlasting peace. The believer recognises that he/she is limited in power and wisdon but we also know that when we are powerless the Lord has unlimited power. He can bring down the mountains and he can also make all impossibilities possible.

Cancer is a ravishing enemy that continually robs the life of so many of us. As a christian woman whose daughter died in her arms, the batttle with cancer is a chapter in anyone's life that words cannot adequately describe.

I invite the christian community to bond together in a committed effort to find a cure and irradicate once and for all this enemy. If we love our brothers, we should take whatever steps are necessary to help everyone lead a fruitful life instead of permitting his lifes potental to be troncated.

This Gospel station is a tribute to my beloved daughter Caroyln. May she rest in eternal peace. Thanks for visiting us and do enjoy the musical blessing.


Founded March 27, 2016 – Easter Sunday